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Welcome to Mitsubishi Materials World-Class Machining Technology and Education Center (MTEC) in Mooresville, NC.

Our Center offers year-round support and services to North America including but not limited to:

Training, Customer Process Analysis, Tooling and Application Testing, Complete Process Improvement Analysis, Education and Skills Training for Basic Metal Cutting, Partner Collaborative Training, and Webinars with the Latest Solutions to Improve Production and Provide Cost Savings 


For a Virtual Tour of our Facilities, Click Here.


Upcoming Events
MTEC Training Courses

August 5-7, 2024


September 30 - October 2, 2024

Medical Machining Training

December 8-10, 2024

MTEC On Demand Training

Sign up, browse, and watch our training classes on-demand 24/7. You can watch one or binge-watch our complete training class series at your convenience. A certificate will be issued with each training class upon successful completion. Click Here to get started.

MTEC Online Training Courses

Mitsubishi Materials FREE e-learning program offers 11 courses in drilling, milling, turning, threading, tool grades, and workpiece materials. As you complete each course, you will be allowed to print a certificate of completion. Click Here to get started.

MTEC About Us

About MTEC

Machining Simulation

Mitsubishi Materials will outline a new process using proper machining techniques to maximize tool life and productivity using the latest CAD/CAM software and cutting tool experience

Technical Support

Mitsubishi Materials dedicated local professionals are available to answer any of your order, product or technical questions

Tooling Proposals and Evaluation

Mitsubishi Materials will review your current processes, and from this review, will improve your productivity by analyzing programming methods and outputting a solution with programming, tooling and time savings through an adjustment in your current process or outlining an entirely new one

Process Improvements

Mitsubishi Materials will review the complete part processing and recommend changes of speed, feed, new tooling, reduction of passes, modifying programming, and other solutions to reduce cycle time, save money and be proactive

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